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Na momento cu a obtene un coffie natural y produci na un manera sustenibel na un lugar cu ta na pia di e serunan di Andes, e boonchinan di Coffie Felix, ta manda nan bai kima na Lima  unda e  coffie ta haya su sabor particular. Manteniendo e lazo cu Aruba a duna e coffie e nomber Mainta Expreso. Na Risa Snacks Shop e coffie spesial aki ta obtenibel.

Nos ta ofrece snacksnan masha dushi. Por ehempel nos pastechinan di keeshi, keeshi y ham, galina y carni, deditos di hotdog of keeshi, pan cu croquet, pan cu hotdog y mucho mas. Pa bebe nos tin juice, refresco, chuculati cayente, chips, eiscream y hopi mas.

Risa Snack Shop has obtained a natural coffee that is sustainably produced. It is produced in the mountains of Andes. The beans of Coffee Felix are sent to Lima for roasting, which gives the coffee its particular flavor. Maintaining its bond with Aruba, the coffee was named “Mainta Expreso.” (Morning Expresso).  This special coffee is available at Risa Snack Shop.


We offer the most delicious snacks. For example: pastechi made with cheese, ham and cheese, chicken or beef, deditos made of hotdog or cheese, croquette sandwhich, hotdog, and much more. To drink, we have juice, soda’s, hot chocolate. Other snacks available are chips and ice cream.

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